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Traffic Engineering Ordinance

3.30.098  Traffic Engineering Department

(A) There is hereby created the Traffic Engineering department as a Department of the Division of Transportation and Services.

(B) The Department shall have as its head a Superintendent who shall be appointed by the Mayor and who shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor.  The Superintendent shall report to the Board of Public Safety and/or the Mayor or the Mayor's designee.

(C) The Department shall:
(1) Conduct all research relating to the engineering aspects of the planning of:
(a) Public ways;
(b) Lands abutting all public ways; and
(c) Traffic operation on public ways.
(2) Advise the Mayor in the formulation and execution of plans and policies resulting from his research under division (1) above.
(3) Study all accident records, to which he has access at all times, in order to reduce accidents.
(4) Direct the use of all traffic signs, traffic signals, and paint markings, except on streets traversed by state highways.
(5) Recommend all necessary parking regulations.
(6) Recommend the proper control of traffic movement.

('62 Code, Art. 3, Ch. 8, §4)  (Ord. G-81-53, passed 12-14-81)  ('82 Code, § 30.098)