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Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals is an appointed seven member Board established by State Legislature.

It is given the responsibility to hear and act on all appeals, requests for variances from the zoning code and establishment of special uses. Since there are seven members of the Board of Zoning Appeals, to establish a quorum, we must have four members present in order for a petition to be approved or denied. If you do not have four votes to either approve or deny the request, you have the opportunity to go before the Board the next month and be heard again. The denial of a petition for a variance, special use, or an appeal by the Board of Zoning Appeals or the withdrawal of such a petition by the petitioner shall prohibit the Board of Zoning Appeals from hearing the petition for a variance, special use, or an appeal for the subject property or a part thereof for 12months from the date of the denial or withdrawal. An exception may be made upon unanimous vote of the Board of Zoning Appeals. In granting a variance or special use, the Board may set any conditions, requirements or limitations that it deems necessary and which are appropriate to implement the principles and purposes of the zoning ordinance. The Board keeps minutes of official action of its proceedings. These minutes and files are public records and are kept in the Area Plan Commission office in Room 312 of the Civic Center Complex.

This Board, which by State law, is a quasi-judicial body that cannot be contacted by the public prior to the Board of Zoning Appeals hearings, has jurisdiction over two types of petitions. One is special use and the other is variance. Neither of these categories is a rezoning. They are special waivers or special conditions that this Board has authorization to grant to the petitioner. A variance is an application to waive or modify certain requirements of the Zoning Ordinance. It is not a rezoning of the property. In order to receive approval, the following criteria must be satisfied.

Board of Zoning Appeals Members:

Bill Pedtke Mike Zehner
Becky Kasha Mike Rudolph
Bryan Hayden Tori Langton
Joy Payne Dirck Stahl, Counsel

Board of Zoning Appeals members may not be contacted.

BZA Rules of Procedure