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  • Hours: M- F 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Juvenile Division

Vanderburgh Superior Court

Juvenile Division

Brett J. Niemeier, Judge

Renee Allen Ferguson, Magistrate

Beverly Corn, Referee

Juvenile Probation Department

P.O. 812-435-5128
Trent Barnett, P.O. 812-435-5132
Brian Cook, P.O. 812-435-5347
Jennifer Hill, P.O. 812-435-5140
Natalie Buttry, P.O. 812-435-5136
Leah Alvey, P.O. 812-435-5130
Tabitha Fox, P.O. 812-435-5131
P.O. 812-435-6337
P.O. 812-435-2544
Rebecca Helm, P.O./Disposition Supervisor 812-435-5141
P.O. 812-435-5131
Ryan Leeds, P.O. 812-435-5247
Carrie Aiken, P.O. 812-435-5134
Brittany Robbins, P.O. 812-435-2578
Karen Scheessele, P.O. 812-435-5133
Darla Stevens, P.O. 812-435-5135
Allen, Waller, P.O. 812-435-5139

Drug Court Director

Heather Woods, P.O. 812-435-6314

Part-time APR Referee

  • Christen Christian

Police Liaison/Transportation Officer:

  • SP. Deputy Richard Johnson

Truancy Officers:

  • Don Mosbey

Detention Coordinator

  • Daniel Stock


  • Martha Posey

Public Defenders

  • Sonny Reisz
  • Heather Burton

Case Types handled in the Juvenile Division

CHINS/Child in Need of Services Delinquency
Informal Adjustment Paternity
 Status/Runaway and Truancy Termination of Parental Rights

Programs of the Vanderburgh County Juvenile Court

Parent Drug Court  Juvenile Drug Court
Teen Court Community Service
House Arrest Truancy Termination
C.A.R.E.S. Program Churches Embracing Offenders
CHOICES Thinking for Change
Day Treatment S.A.T.I. Substance Abuse Program
Theft Intervention Program Anger Reduction Program
Parenting Random Drug Screening
CASA Guardianship Services

Seven Challenges Substance Abuse Treatment

Court Costs

Court Costs $175.00
Administration Fees $100.00
Initial Probation User Fee $50.00
Monthly Probation Fees $15.00