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Services of the Vanderburgh County Surveyor's Office

  • Land Surveying: Indiana requires private land surveys be conducted by a private land surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Indiana.
  • Find a Surveyor: Always hire a reputable, professional land surveyor licensed to practice in the State of Indiana. A listing of licensed land surveyors known to practice in the Evansville metropolitan area can be found here: List of Private Surveyors
  • View Property Online: An aerial view of all property in Vanderburgh County, Indiana, complete with buildings, roads, streams, and other geographical and topographical data is available at the county's GIS Website. Individual offices maintain GIS sites and share layers of data, but some data may be specific to one or another of the various sites. The County Surveyor's GIS Website specifically includes section corner locations along with other layers of useful data.
  • Guidance: The County Surveyor reviews and recommends approval of drainage plans for new subdivisions as well as commercial and industrial projects within Vanderburgh County outside the limits of Evansville as well as the Town of Darmstadt to the Vanderburgh County Drainage Board. Approved plans are available for viewing in the County Surveyor’s Office. Drainage Plans of large subdivisions approved beginning in 2016 are available online. 
  • Enforcement: The County Surveyor can inspect and recommend enforcement of violations of the county’s storm water control ordinance. All major subdivisions developed in Vanderburgh County since 1994, outside the corporate boundaries of Evansville and Darmstadt, are subject to enforcement under the terms of the ordinance. The County Surveyor also can order the removal of an obstruction from a regulated drain within 10 days of notice.
  • Inspection: The County Surveyor inspects obstructions of natural surface drainage alleged in petitions filed with the County Drainage Board under statutory provisions of IC 36-9-27.4. The County Surveyor also makes regular inspections of and reports on the condition of the county’s 80 miles of regulated drains.
  • Voting District Maps: The County Surveyor's Office working with Evansville City Council and the Vanderburgh County Commission has maps of Vanderburgh County’s voting districts. The maps are available for viewing at the County Surveyor’s Office, and are available online. The office also has maps of the State House and Senate Districts for those portions of the Districts within Vanderburgh County.
  • Legal Drains: The Vanderburgh County Surveyor's Office is responsible for 80 miles of legal drains. For a more detailed description of this service, visit our Legal Drains page.