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Legal Drains

Specifications for the Maintenance of Regulated Drains

-The 2023 Specifications for the Maintenance of Regulated Drains have been approved for release by the Vanderburgh County Drainage Board.  This document contains links to all of the portions of the 2020 Drainage Specifications that are currently available. These documents can also be found in the Document Center found in the bottom left-hand margin.

2023 Regulated Drain Maintenance Awards

Regulated drains are large, open ditches or piped storm water conveyances serving sizeable tributary areas of agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial land. Vanderburgh County maintains about 80 miles of regulated drain with about 20 miles of urban drains located within the corporate limits of Evansville.

The County Surveyor prepares an annual report on the condition of the individual drains, and the regular maintenance and special repair work required to keep the drains in working order. The County Surveyor then prepares specifications, seeks public bids, and supervises the contractual work that constructs, reconstructs, repairs, and maintains the county’s system of drains. 

The County Surveyor’s statutory duties and powers with regard to the county’s drainage board and regulated drains are more specifically described at IC 36-9-27.

Vanderburgh County's Legal Drains can be viewed on the County Surveyor's GIS Web Map.