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Minority & Women Business Enterprises

The Value of Diverse Business Certifications: A Guide to Understanding Diverse Business Certification in Indiana. Presented by the Mid-States Minority Supplier Development Council.

The Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise Program is a joint initiative of the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County.   It was established in order to provide opportunities for businesses that are owned by minorities or women to sell products and services to local government.   The City and County recognize the Indiana Department of Administration's (IDOA) certification program.

Minority Business Enterprise

A minority business enterprise (MBE) is one that is owned and controlled by at least 51% minority member(s).  Minority group members are citizens of the United States who are Black,  Hispanic,  Asian Pacific Islanders, American Indians or Alaskan Natives.

Women Business Enterprise

A women business enterprise (WBE) is one that is at least 51% owned and controlled by a woman or women who are citizens of the United States. 

Minority/Women Business Utilization

It is the policy of this administration to strongly encourage efforts to increase opportunities for Minority-owned Business Enterprises and Women-owned Business Enterprises to do business with the City of Evansville and Vanderburgh County.   It is our goal to achieve significant utilization of 12% MBE and 7% WBE of the annual amount spent by the City and County for construction,  goods, supplies and professional services.

Benefits of Being Certified include:

  • Qualification for MBE.WBE subcontracting opportunities on state  contracts which provide attainment of business diversity goals
  • Receive notification to training opportunities
  • Receive notice of upcoming events such as Networking opportunities
  • Receive notification of State business opportunities

Click here for the M/WBE Brochure

Click here for M/WBE Utilization Board Members

IDOA List of Minority and Women Owned Businesses

The IDOA updates frequently, as new companies are added.

Note: Once on the certified vendor list, a search by any criteria can be done by using a filter function. Once the spreadsheet is open, a search by specific criteria can be done by:

  1. Click on down arrow by Column title
  2. Click "select all"
  3. Once select all is clicked all boxes become empty to click on the specific box you wish to filter by.
  4. Click ok. 

Example- Search by city:

  1. Go to title column that states "City'
  2. Click on down arrow.
  3. Click select all.
  4. Choose city to filter by ..Evansville, Marion, Aurora etc. 
  5. After selecting city or cities, click ok and all records for those specific city or cities will populate.

Every attempt is made to maintain a complete and updated certified vendor list quarterly on this site. If any questions arise regarding new Certification process Vendors should  visit by clicking on "M/WBE application for new certification"  The IDOA recertification Application can  also be found on this site.

Q & A?
If you are a certified MBE/WBE business and there is a change to your information who should you contact?

(Below is a list of people you will notify with your changes as they occur.  It is essential your records are kept up-to-date for timelines,  new developments,  business prospects and payment purposes).

Linda Thibodeau,  Administrative Assistant,  MBE/WBE Application Process &  IDOA Website
By Phone: (317)-232-3061
By e-mail:

Kesha Rich, Certified Program Coordinator,  MBE/WBE Application Process &  IDOA Website
By Phone: (317)-233-3938
By e-mail:

For further contact information please go to