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Disadvantage Business Enterprise

INDOT'S Division of Economic Opportunity (EOD) is responsible for maximizing contracting opportunities for disadvantaged businesses on INDOT contracts. Economic Opportunity performs all Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certification services for the state of Indiana pursuant to its Unified Certification Program.
It is the mission to Economic Division (EOD) to maximize contracting opportunities for disadvantaged businesses by certifying and qualifying firms as DBE.

What is DBE?

DBE is a Disadvantage Business Enterprise run by individuals or business owners who:

  • At least 51 percent owned by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals who:
  • Are US citizens or permanent residents
  • Possess expertise in the field
  • Control the daily business operations
  • Have a personal net worth less than $1,320,000 (excluding the value of their primary residence and assets of the firm applying for DBE certification)

A small business as defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA) which means:

  • The firm's average annual gross receipts may not exceed Small Business Administration size standards
  • In any case a firm's gross receipts may not exceed a $23,980,000 average over the previous three fiscal years

MBE/WBE Vs. DBE: What's the Difference? 

DBE Certification Procedure: Certification Procure

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