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City Engineer
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Civic Center Complex, Room 321
Evansville, IN 47708
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Fun Facts about Water...

  • It takes approximately 1 gallon of water to cook a hamburger
  • A person can live more than a month without food, but can only live approximately 1 week without water (depending on conditions)
  • It takes 2-7 gallons of water to flush a toilet
  • It takes 2 gallons of water to brush your teeth
  • 1 person uses 50 gallons of water daily
  • 75% of a chicken is water
  • 80% of a pineapple is water
  • 70% of an elephant is water
  • 80% of an ear of corn is water

Kids' Stuff & Activities

Learn about the Water Cycle and other interesting facts visit these websites with your kids...