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Site Plan

Site Plan Requirements

The Building Commission examines and approves residential and commercial site plans for compliance with building codes and local requirements. Site plans are required to be submitted dimensioned, drawn to scale, and include project specifications.

The following details should be included on a site plan:

  • Lot dimensions
  • Street right-of-way widths
  • Existing easements and widths
  • Street pavement widths
  • Sidewalk location
  • Location and dimensions of existing structures on site
  • Dimensions of proposed buildings and/or accessory structures
  • Dimensions between buildings and between buildings and property lines
  • Size and location of proposed curb cuts and existing curb cuts within 50 feet
  • Dimensioned parking for all site plans except single-family residences
  • List of units and bedrooms for apartments, square footage for commercial/industrial buildings
  • Lot number and subdivision or a legal description of the parcel
  • Street address
  • Scale
  • North arrow
  • Date
  • Signature of person certifying plan

Site Grading Plan Requirements

In addition to the information required for the site plan, a site grading plan shall be submitted when any one of the following conditions exist:

  • Parcel is located within 75 feet of a “regulated drain”.
  • Parcel is in or partially in the 100-year floodplain.
  • Parcel is within 50 feet of a natural drain or watercourse.
  • Parcel is within an area of localized flooding indicated by flood protection grades (FPG) on the subdivision plat or as determined by the Building Commission.

Site grading plans are required to be submitted dimensioned, drawn to scale, and include project specifications.

The following details should be included on a site grading plan:

  • Original ground contours (dashed) at two-and-one-half-foot or closer intervals on and within 100 feet of the lot to be built upon.
  • Final contours (solid) at one-foot intervals on and within 50 feet of lot to be built upon.
  • Location, size and invert elevation of drainage structures within 100 feet of the site.
  • Centerline elevation of road and sidewalk elevations adjacent to the lot opposite lot corners and at high or low points.
  • Present and proposed drainage ditches crossing or adjacent to the site with flow line elevations opposite lot lines including high points of swales between lots and flow direction arrows.
  • Minimum allowable flood protection grade (FPG) from floodplain map, subdivision plat or drainage study
  • Proposed grades of lowest floors (includes garages, basements, or crawl spaces if constructed on fill) grades must be based on USGS datum.
  • The site grading plan must be prepared and certified by a professional engineer or professional land surveyor, registered in the State of Indiana.
  • If a retaining wall over six feet high will be used, the detail drawings of the wall shall be attached, certified by a professional engineer.