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Soil Investigation Report Requirements

Soils Investigation Reports are required by the Building Commission to be submitted for new commercial construction projects.  Report should include the information itemized in Section 1802.6 of the Indiana Building Code, and when applicable, Sections 1802.2.1 through 1802.2.7 of the Indiana Building Code.  

The following information should be included in the soil investigation report:

  • A plot showing the location of test borings and/or excavations.
  • A complete record of the soil samples.
  • A record of the soil profile.
  • Elevation of the water table, if encountered.
  • Recommendations for foundation type and design criteria, including but not limited to: bearing capacity of natural or compacted soil; provisions to mitigate the effects of expansive soils; mitigation of the effects of liquefaction, differential settlement and varying soil strength; and the effects of adjacent loads.
  • Expected total and differential settlement.
  • Pile and pier foundation information in accordance with Section 1808.2.2 of the Indiana Building Code.
  • Special design and construction provisions for footings or foundations founded on expansive soils, as necessary.
  • Compacted fill material properties and testing in accordance with Section 1803.5 of the Indiana Building Code.
  • When applicable, special conditions in Sections 1802.2.1 through 1802.2.7 of the Indiana Building Code.