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County Clerk's Office
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Civic Center Courts Building, Room 216
Evansville, IN 47708
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Request Public Records

If you would like to request a record from our office, you may submit a record request to our office as outlined below. 

Step 1: COMPLETE all fields on the form. You may type directly in the .pdf form and print it out, for your convenience. This form is to facilitate and expedite the processing of your public records request. Provide a description of the documents you are requesting from the Vanderburgh County Clerk’s Office; your request must be sufficiently focused and specific to allow the County to locate the requested record(s). 

Step 2: SUBMIT completed form by mail, fax, or in person to: Vanderburgh County Clerk’s Office, 
825 Sycamore Street, Evansville, IN 47708 • P.O. Box 3356, Evansville, IN 47732 
Phone (812) 435-5160 • Fax (812) 435-5849 

Step 3: Pursuant to the Indiana Access to Public Records Act (I.C. 5-14-3), our office will notify you within 7 days with the status of your written request. Please note, a response does not necessarily indicate production of the requested documents, but may be a statement advising of additional time needed to locate the document. 

Click HERE to view the record request form or locate it with the rest of our Forms & Applications in the Document Center.