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Jury Duty

Prospective jurors will receive notification and instructions from the courts pertaining to jury duty. 

You may be excused from jury service for lawful or substantial reasons. Such requests must be made in writing and returned with your questionnaire. Legitimate excuses include the following:

  1. Your illness or the serious illness of an immediate family member. (Must provide note from a physician).
  2. You have served as a juror in Vanderburgh County in the last year.


Frequently Asked Questions about Jury Duty:

Q. Am I paid for being a juror? How much?
A. You will be paid $15.00 each day until the jury is chosen, plus mileage to and from the court. You will be paid $40.00 per day for each day served on the jury, plus mileage.

Q. When do I get paid?
A. Approximately 60 days from the end of your three month term.

Q. How long is a term?
A. Three (3) months. You may be called for jury duty at any time during that term.

Q. What if I have a hardship the day I am summoned?
A. The court must be contacted immediately and the court will decide if you should be excused for that day.

Q. What if I just don't show up?
A. The court may issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Q. What if I lost my questionnaire?
A. Notify the court and they will provide a second questionnaire.

Please notify the Court if you have any of the following changes during your term:

  1. Address Change.
  2. Employment Change.
  3. Name Change.
  4. Vacation time that you failed to put on your questionnaire.
  5. Any family emergencies.
  6. Any medical emergencies.