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Marriage Records

Early Marriage Records

Recent Marriage licenses, certificates, and applications can be requested at the Marriage Desk in the Clerk’s Office.

Per the Indiana State Library, “Prior to around 1905, the marriage record paper did not routinely name the parents of the bride or groom.  No marriage records exist in Indiana before 1882.  Starting in 1882, some counties maintained a separate marriage return book, which often did name the parents of the bride and groom.  Actual marriage applications usually start in the early years of the 20th Century.”

Loose Marriage Licenses. 1818-1835

These licenses are on small, loose pieces of paper, generally listing the bride and groom, date they were married, and officiant.  They rarely may contain a consent from the woman’s father or mother.

Marriage License and Certificate Record Book. Starts in 1835

Record of marriage license certificates, names of bride and groom, dates, any witnesses, and person officiating.

Marriage Applications and License Record Books.  Begin roughly in 1905

Applications for marriage licenses, showing the date and number of application, and names, addresses, ages, color, and family history of bride and groom.  Arranged by dates of application.

Marriage Returns. 1818; 1831-1862; 1882-1958

Loose papers and book form.  There are many gaps in this collection and it may not provide a complete list of returns from each year.

Certificates of marriages performed returned to the clerk by person officiating, showing the dates of marriage and certificates, names of bride and groom, and name and address of person officiating.  Arranged by dates of certificates.

Marriage Affidavits. 1831-1886; 1920-1921

After 1886, marriage affidavits are included with marriage applications.

Loose papers. Affidavits of facts required by clerk upon application for marriage licenses, showing date and nature of affidavit and names of applicants and affiant.  Arranged by date of affidavits

Works Progress Administration (WPA) Marriage Index Books. 1846-1920.

Eight (8) volumes indexes of marriage records compiled by the Works Progress Administration during the Great Depression as part of the larger Historical Records Survey project.