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Filing Fees

(Subject to change annually on July 1st)

Civil Filing Fees for Vanderburgh County

  • $96 Small Claims Case; $124 (if service by sheriff)
  • $156 Standard Civil Cases; $184 (if service by sheriff)
  • $156 Adoptions and Civil Plenary Cases; $172 (if service by sheriff)
  • $195 Paternity and Miscellaneous Juvenile Cases; $223 (if service by sheriff)
  • $206 Mortgage Foreclosure Cases; $234 (if service by sheriff)
  • $176 Domestic Relations Cases; $204 (if service by sheriff)
  • $176 Probate: Estate, Guardianship, and Trust Cases
  • $3 Recording a Foreign Judgment (file as a court business case)
  • $10 for each additional defendant added (after the first defendant)
  • $10 for each additional garnishee defendant added (after the third garnishee defendant)
  • $28 Post Judgment Sheriff Service fees

Note: The clerk shall collect a service of process fee of $28 per case from a party requesting service of a writ, an order, a process, a notice, a tax warrant, or any other paper completed by the sheriff, as indicated above.  A service of process fee may be collected only one (1) time per case for the duration of the case.  However, a clerk may collect an additional service of process fee of $28 per case for any post-judgment service, as indicated above.

Certified Mail Services: As of May 5, 2017, service by certified mail is the sole responsibility of the filer.  The green card must have the correct cause number listed along with the clerk's return address, so the clerk can enter the proper return of service information into the court system.