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The Administrative Offices of the Evansville Fire Department include the Executive Offices of the Fire Chief and Assistant Chief, Finance Division, Health & Safety Division, Fire Prevention Division, Training Division, Suppression Division, Special Teams & Planning Division and the Information Technology Division of the Evansville Fire Department.

The members of the Evansville Fire Department Administrative staff oversee the administration of the Evansville Fire Department's day-to-day operations. These duties include, but are not limited to, the human resource needs of the department, including the maintenance of personnel records, firefighter promotional system, fitness evaluations and firefighter selection processes.

The Finance Division works as the liaison for the Evansville Fire Department to the City Controller's Office. The Finance Division is responsible for the maintenance and dispersal of funds appropriated for the Evansville Fire Department.

The Health & Safety Division exists to protect our firefighters, which we take very seriously. Proper safety techniques prevent costly line of duty injuries and allow firefighters to perform their jobs with the highest degree of skill and efficiency.

The Evansville Fire Department Fire Prevention Division provides inspection services/plan review for commercial businesses within our community. Department Fire Marshals also provide information and training regarding Fire Prevention and Safety, State and Local burning regulations, and the Indiana Fire Code. The Division is staffed by the Chief Fire Marshal, a plan review officer, and six Fire Marshals.

The Training Division of the Evansville Fire Department is responsible for coordinating and conducting training for all department personnel. The Training Division also maintains individual and company training records and assesses/develops training programs to meet the needs of department personnel. The Training Division is staffed by the Chief of Instruction, EMS Coordinator/Instructor, Fire Education Officer/Merit Liaison-Instructor and three Fire Suppression Instructors.

The Evansville Fire Department consists of 273 sworn firefighters. Of those, 250 firefighters are assigned to the Suppression Division. Suppression manpower includes 6 District Chiefs, 51 Captains, 38 Lieutenants and 155 Privates. The department operates three 24-hour shifts with each shift comprising one third of the total manpower. Those 83 personnel (approximately) operate from 14 Fire Stations and 2 District Chief Offices.

Evansville Fire Department Special Teams include the Hazardous Material Response, High Rise Rescue, Confined Space Rescue and Water Rescue teams. Station #1 is our largest station, housing an Engine, Aerial Ladder, Rescue and Hazmat Response equipment. Stations #1 and #10 is considered to be the "Hazmat" Stations. Station #3 houses an Engine and Rescue Squad and is considered our "Water Rescue/Dive" Station.