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County Innkeepers Tax Return

This is the form that all county innkeepers report their monthly receipts from rental accommodations. They must pay taxes on a percentage of this to the Treasurer by the 20th of each month. Example: For January's receipts we must receive the tax return by February 20th. This is a duplicate form the innkeeper must retain a copy for their records.

Mobile Home Permit

This form is used when moving or transferring title to a mobile home in the county. The form must be completed to tell the county where the mobile home is being moved and who is the owner. After making sure the taxes are paid the county Treasurer signs the form. This form normally has five parts, but if you fax this copy we will make the other four copies.

Debit Option Form

This form is used by taxpayers who want their taxes automatically deducted from their bank accounts. The taxpayer fills out the form and turns it into the treasurer no less than 10 business days prior to the collection due date determined by your bill, and from that point forward the tax payments are automatically deducted from the specified account on the deadline dates. This agreement is binding and is valid until the taxpayer notifies our office in writing

Property Tax Clearance Schedule - Form No. 1

This form is used to submit your Property Tax Clearance Schedule -Form No. 1 for an Indiana Alcoholic Beverage Commision Liquor License. Prior to receiving a new, transfered or renewed license, the Treasurer must state that all your property taxes have been paid.