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Vanderburgh County Bookkeeping - Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable

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Audit of Claims & Vouchers

Auditor's Certification

It is the duty of the County Auditor after auditing each claim or voucher to certify to the correctness of the claim or voucher in the space provided thereon before such claim or voucher is submitted to the board of county commissioners for its consideration or, in case of other claims or vouchers, before such claims or vouchers are paid. ( IC 5-11-10-2)

Approval of Claims

Each claim or voucher must be approved by the officer or department head receiving the merchandise or services in the space provided on the claim or voucher.

Payment of Claims

All claims properly completed and submitted to the County Auditor's Office will be processed and submitted to the County Commissioners for approval monthly.

If you have a question regarding the status of a claim you should:

  1. Call the office receiving the merchandise or services as they must verify that they have filed the claim with the Auditor's Office for payment.
  2. Call Erika Miller, Claims Bookkeeper at 812-435-5298 for further information.

Vendor Self Service (VSS)

Vanderburgh County business vendors need to use this link to register to use the MUNIS Vendor Self Service feature. 

Accounts Payable

It shall be the duty of every county auditor to publish all court claims or vouchers filed for consideration of the Board of County Commissioners at least three days prior to the meeting date when the claims or vouchers are to be considered and acted upon by the board. (IC 36-2-6-3)

According to federal tax law, we are required to obtain Taxpayer Identifications Numbers (TIN) of all individuals and businesses to whom reportable payments are made. If you do not provide us with this information, you may be fined $50.00 by the IRS under Section 6723 of the Internal Revenue Code and future payments to you may be subject to 31% backup withholding under IRS Code Section 3406.

You must mail the vendor form back to the Auditor's Office with an original signature before paperwork can be processed.

For additional information, please call Accounts Payable Bookkeeper, Selena Miller at 812-435-5952.

Payment Schedule (2021)

Vanderburgh County Accounts Payable Payment Schedule.

Vanderburgh County Vendor List

Vanderburgh County Vendor List. 

Accounts Receivable

All receipts shall be issued and recorded at the time of the transaction; for example, when cash or a check is received a receipt is to be immediately prepared and given to the person making payment.

IC 5-13-6-1 requires all public funds shall be deposited no later than the business day following the receipt of funds on business days of the depository. The statute also provides public funds deposited shall be deposited in the same form in which they were received. This simply means all daily receipts received by the political subdivision must be deposited intact.

For further information, please call Accounts Receivable Bookkeeper, Erin Turner at 812-435-5439.

Accounts Payable/ Accounts Receivable Forms
Request for Public Records
Software Access Form - Vanderburgh County MUNIS
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