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Real Estate Billing - Vanderburgh County

Real Estate Billing

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These charts show the certified levies for Vanderburgh County by unit breakdown. If you need further information, please contact Sam Garau, Chief Deputy Auditor, at 812/435-5467. Information listed here includes Property Tax Breakdowns for:


Corrections/ Refunds

A taxpayer may file a Petition For Correction Of An Error (Form 133) with the County Auditor if he/she thinks:
  • The taxes, as a matter of law, were illegal.

  • There was a mathematical error in computing the assessment.

  • Through error of omission by any state or county officer the taxpayer was not given credit for an exemption or deduction permitted by law.

You may review your assessment with the County Assessor to determine if there are errors. The petition must be approved by the following office holders: County Assessor and the County Auditor. If approved, the taxpayer may receive a refund (IC 6-1.1-15-12(d))

A taxpayer may also file a Form 130 appeal with the County Auditor within 45 days of the date of a Change In Assessment (Form 11) or by May 10 of that year, whichever is later. The appeal will be heard by the County Board of Review. If approved, the taxpayer may receive a refund (IC 6-1.1-15-2.1) . Click here for the County Assessor's PTABOA schedule.

For further information please call, Lauri Lutz at 812-435-5470 or Charlene Decker at 812-435-5464.

Property Tax Bill Address Change

Property Tax Bill Address Change

Have you moved? Need to have your tax bills sent to a new address? Do you have a question about a particular parcel? Use this on-line form to notify us of the change and any questions you may have.

Use this Property Tax Deductions link to see if you qualify for any deductions.

If you have a question regarding a deduction, you should:
  1. Call the Auditor's Office at 812-435-5293 or
  2. Send an email to with your question.


Information listed here includes Vanderburgh County tax rates for the following years:

2008 pay 2009 township tax rates

2009 pay 2010 township tax rates

2010 pay 2011 township tax rates

2011 pay 2012 township tax rates

2012 pay 2013 township tax rates

2013 pay 2014 township tax rates

2014 pay 2015 township tax rates

2015 pay 2016 township tax rates

2016 pay 2017 township tax rates

2017 pay 2018 township tax rates

2018 pay 2019 township tax rates

2019 pay 2020 township tax rates.

If you need further information please contact Stephanie Pruett at 812/435-5464.

TIF - Tax Increment Financing

TIF - Tax Increment Financing

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a financing mechanism that is used to "capture" the property taxes attributable to increases in assessed value (AV) resulting from new private development within a particular area.

The increased property taxes that will be generated from the new development (real and/or depreciable personal property) are used to finance infrastructure improvements or other incentives that are needed to induce a particular private development or that will be needed to facilitate additional development in an area being developed or redeveloped. 

For further information please refer to Title 50 Article 8 of the Indiana Administrative Code or call Stephanie Pruett at 812/435-5464.

To see a map of the TIF areas in Vanderburgh County, use this link to the County Assessor's GIS site and follow the instructions.

Top Ten Taxpayers

Top Ten Highest Assessed Taxpayers in Vanderburgh County

2019 Pay 2020
SIGECO / Vectren 72,171,000 20,618,780 133,499,980 226,289,760
Berry Plastics 28,511,004 120,220,410 0 148,731,414
Mead Johnson 28,290,613 67,870,250 0 96,160,863
Casino Aztar Gaming Corp 59,837,700 8,623,810 0 68,461,510
Spurling Properties/ Development/ Mgt 57,067,185 128,410 0 57,195,595
Old National Bank 47,598,752 8,668,700 0 56,267,452
Eastland Mall 50,597,500 590,210 0 51,187,710
Lloyd Crossing Shopping Center 46,834,900 0 0 46,834,900
Interprop Funds (ALL) 41,868,200 69,450 0 41,937,650
Windstream/ Norlight, Inc. 0 29,670 34,995,710 35,025,380
TOTAL 432,776,854 226,819,690 168,495,690 828,092,234

Prior Years - Top Ten Taxpayers

Use the links below to view prior years:
2018 Pay 2019
2017 Pay 2018
2016 Pay 2017
2015 Pay 2016
2014 Pay 2015
2013 Pay 2014
2012 Pay 2013
2011 Pay 2012
2010 Pay 2011
2009 Pay 2010
2008 Pay 2009

Property Tax Bill Address Change

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