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Steps for Vacation of Public Way or Place - County Commissioners

Steps for Vacation of Public Way or Place - County Commissioners

For any questions, please contact Madelyn Grayson at 812-435-5471.
  1. Pick up vacation packet from the Auditor's Office or retrieve from the Internet at

    Complete the following:

    1. Ordinance to vacate a public way or place
    2. Notice to abutting property owners. For clarification, abutting property is defined as any property which would touch at any point the owner's property included in whole or in part in the ordinance for vacation, including across streets, alleys and easements, etc. Therefore, owners across streets, alleys and easements must also be notified.
    3. Notice of Public Hearing (The preferred method for submission is by email in Word format to Madelyn Grayson.)
    4. Petition
  2. Submit letters to all utilities including Gas & Electric Company, Telephone Company, Evansville Water/Sewer Utility, Cable Companies, County Engineer and County Surveyor. Return letters of authorization from each of the above must be submitted at the time of filing the petition. Click here for a list of Utility Contacts.
  3. Two checks required. One check payable to the Vanderburgh County Recorder for $25 is due when you file. The other check will be for the cost of the publication for the notice of public hearing. This check should be made out to the Evansville Courier & Press for a flat price of $396.  The check will be due immediately upon receipt of this notification.
  4. Supply 1 original and 2 copies of the petition, ordinance, and any accompanying maps, descriptions, etc. All written information must be completed in black ink. Blue ink cannot be recorded.
  5. File your vacation at the Auditor's Office, Room 208, Civic Center Complex. Please call Madelyn Grayson at 812-435-5471 prior to filing your documentation. Upon filing you will be given the date that the petition will be presented to the County Commissioners for permission to advertise. You will also determine an agreeable date for the public hearing (hearing must be held within 30 days of filing).
  6. After the Commissioners grant permission to advertise (you do not need to be present at this meeting), the Auditor's Office will call and confirm the hearing date.
  7. Upon this confirmation call, you will need to send notification to all abutting property owners by certified, return receipt mail.
  8. By the Thursday prior to the public hearing (by 11:00 a.m.) you must return: the green return receipts cards (or white certified copy if you don't get a green back) and an affidavit stating that these are all the affected properties and stating that they have all been notified of the public hearing.
  9. You will need to attend the Commissioners meeting on the agreed upon date to present your ordinance. The meeting is held at 3:00 PM in Room 301. We will make sure you are on the agenda.
  10. The Commissioners will hold a final reading at the next regular Commissioner's meeting following the date of the public hearing.
  11. If your petition is approved, the Auditor's Office will have the ordinance recorded and your vacation proceeding is complete.

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