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Kronos Workforce Ready Timekeeping System - Vanderburgh County Users

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  Timekeeping Application

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Links to Kronos Workforce Ready (WFR):

Kronos WFR - 2020

How To Clean Kronos InTouch 9000 and 9100 Time Clocks and Biometric Scanners

If you are concerned about spreading germs in the workplace, please click here for instructions on how to clean Vanderburgh County Kronos InTouch Terminals.  

Kronos WFR New User Interface Upgrade scheduled for February 2020 

Vanderburgh County plans to switch to the new Kronos User Interface in February of 2020. The
functionality will stay the same for Kronos. There are just different icons and menus when
navigating. The information below should help familiarize the Kronos users with the new interface.
Click here for the New User Experience Overview.
Click here for a PDF New User Interface Demonstration.

Implementation Timeline for New UI for 2020

  • Timeline (click here for key dates of the implementation county wide)

Employee/ Admin Documentation for New UI for 2020

Reports Documentation in the New UI for 2020

Kronos New Learning Experience for 2020

The new experience offers prescribed learning paths based on your role. Get acclimated to My Learning by following the steps below:

 Step 1:  Watch a tour of the new My Learning experience.

Step 2:   Review the training catalog to view new training opportunities.

Step 3:  Access My Learning (see steps below).

Classic UI Experience

  • Login to Workforce Ready
  • Click on My Account menu
  • Click on My Learning menu

New UI Experience:

  • Login to Workforce Ready
  • Click on My Info
  • Click on Help
  • Click on My Learning

Fix for Error on Pay Voucher & Punch Detail Reports In Kronos WFR - from TLS 1.2 Upgrade on July 20, 2018

Click here for documentation on the latest Pay Voucher report from July 26, 2018. Please copy and paste the new program (using a shortcut does not always work) to your desktop to replace the current folder and use the new one going forward. Follow these instructions: Pay Voucher Report in WFR for Vanderburgh County .

On July 30, 2018, a new file for the Punch Detail Report was sent out that should be copied and pasted to your desktop for future use. Here is documentation on how to get the report on your desktop: Punch Detail 2018. Please remember to change the font size to 8 the first time you run the new report as documented.

Kronos WFR TLS 1.2 Upgrade scheduled 7/20/18 at 12:01AM:

TLS stands for "Transport Layer Security" which is the protocol that allows digital devices (such as computers and mobiles) to communicate over the internet securely without the transmission being vulnerable to an outside audience.  

You may want to check your browser versions to ensure that you are compliant.  Compliant browsers are:

    1. Chrome – 30-32+
    2. Safari – 7+
    3. Firefox – 27-33+, ESR 31.0-31.2+
    4. Internet Explorer – 11+

*Limited support for mobile platforms using the browsers listed above.

How can you check if you are compatible?

Go To: (Third-Party Service)

  • If the user agent is green, you are compatible with TLS 1.2
  • If not, update your browser to the latest version that supports TLS 1.2. If you are unsure of how to update your browser, please contact your IT Administrator on how to accomplish this. Call 812-435-5100 for the IT helpdesk.

For more information, click here.


Please report any WFR issues to:

Kronos Users Documentation - Employee:

Kronos Users Documentation - Department Manager:



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