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    2017 Munis End of Year Instructions for Payroll Time Entry:

    All County Bookkeepers,

    Attached is the end of year and beginning of the year payroll instructions.  However, this year we will have some changes to the process which will ultimately make everyone’s jobs easier going forward with the end of year payroll.  We need to comply with the State Board of Accounts audit, and need to correct how we process payroll by not paying our employees in advance.  The Auditor’s Office has had many conversations with the SBOA and other County Auditors who have already made this change.  We also wanted to keep in mind that our employees are expecting to receive a bigger check at year end and a smaller check in January.  We did not want to create a hardship for the employees, so we feel like this is our best way to fix our payroll issues.  We are going to need your help with the process this year, and we feel like it will be streamlined for the many years to come.

    In order for us to pay in arrears, we have decided to pay out the biweekly full time employees 72 hours of time on our December 21st payroll along with 48 hours of a SUPPLEMENTAL PAYCHECK.  The weekly employees will receive their 2 weekly paychecks along with a 48 hour SUPPLEMENTAL PAYCHECK.  Then all weekly and biweekly fulltime employees will receive a 40 hour paycheck on January 5th.  This will make sure ALL employees receive the same amount of money they were already expecting.  The part time employees are addressed on the instructions attached.

    One of the Auditor’s Office biggest concerns will be processing the payroll for January 5th.  Please note, we need ALL departments to have their vouchers submitted by 10:00am on January 2nd.  We understand it is holiday time, and some people may be taking off work.  This is where we need your help in getting payroll in on time.  The Bookkeeping department of the Auditor’s Office will make arrangements if you want to turn in your time EARLY.  Whether it is on Friday December 29th, or some other time before January 2nd.  We will be flexible, and we are hoping for your cooperation.

    We think, once we make this adjustment this year, it should make payroll easier going forward.  What you will find is when someone leaves employment they will receive a paycheck AFTER they leave.  If they have a buyout, we will pay it out at the same time. Accruals will match in Munis and Kronos.  Since we are making the adjustment NOW, then next year at this time, biweekly fulltime employees will receive an 80 hour check as their last paycheck in December, and then another 80 hour check with their first pay in January of 2019.  We will continue that schedule going forward.  We have already changed the schedule in Kronos to accomplish what we need, and Megan will be sending you a spreadsheet for the Supplemental Pay.

    Payroll seems to be running smoothly, because of all of your hard work.  Hopefully, we can work through this change together this year, and it will be better for all of us going forward.  Once you have read the payroll instructions, and if you have any questions, or think we have missed something please let us know.  I appreciate your help while we make this transition.

    Brian Gerth
    Vanderburgh County Auditor
    1 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Room 208
    Evansville, IN 47708

    (T) 812-435-5763

    Attachment: 2017 Munis BW EOY

    MUNIS Upgrade to V11.2 Scheduled for 2017:

    Vanderburgh County MUNIS Users:

    Vanderburgh County upgraded to MUNIS V11.2 on August 25, 2017; please note that the URL for the self service site was changed to: .

    • Tyler Dashboard upgraded to V6.3
    • Tyler Content Manager (TCM) upgraded to V 2017.2.4.2

    MUNIS Upgrade to V11.2 Documentation:


    New User Authorization Form:

    Access Authorization Form for MUNIS

    If you have a new user that needs to be set up in MUNIS, please complete this form and return back to Karen Joest-Newman or Sam Garau in the Auditor's Office. If you have a new fund that needs to be added to your MUNIS role, please use this form or have your Department Head send an email to or with the request.


    If you have an issue with MUNIS, please let someone in the Auditor's Office know so that it can be researched. Any server issues will be reported to IT (5100) and other issues will be reported to Tyler Technologies. Here is documentation on reporting any issues to Tyler: .


    • Tyler MUNIS Phone Support:

    Call Tyler toll free at: 800.772.2260 Press 3 for support. Click here for additional instructions.

    • Online Support:

    Use this site ( where online documentation of MUNIS can be found on the MUNIS Knowledgebase. You will need to set up a password to sign onto the site.

    You can also enter support incidences online. Here is the documentation to walk you through the process Tyler User Guide for Online Support.

    • MUNIS Support Go To Assist Link:

    Use this link to connect to Tyler Support once you have opened an incident: . You will need to know the support person's name to connect.


    MUNIS User Documentation for prior versions:


    Known Issues:

    MUNIS Access - Active X Issue (Using GDC thin client profile; this should have been resolved with V11.2)

    MUNIS - Internet Explorer Settings for MUNIS

    TCM - Java issues (settings and clearing cache) (this should have been resolved with TCM upgrade during MUNIS V11.2 upgrade) 

    Upgrade to MUNIS V10.5

    In order to process 2016 year end 1099s and W-2s in MUNIS, Vanderburgh County upgraded to V10.5. The upgrade to MUNIS LIVE V10.5 was completed on August 29, 2016.

    Along with the upgrade to V10.5, Tyler Dashboard was also upgraded to V5.8 and Tyler Content Manager (TCM) was upgraded to V4.1.  One of the most notable changes for TCM was that in order to view attached documents, you will use the paper clip icon instead of the camera icon.

    If you receive errors when in TCM, click here for documentation on resolving any JAVA issues encountered after the upgrade. Please call IT at 435-5100 if you are unable to resolve the issue.