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Rope/Confined Space Rescue


           Raising & Lowering systems             Captains Scheller & Riley working in the “Steel”

26 firefighters represent EFD as Rope Rescue Technicians, and all equipment is housed on Rescue 1 and Ladder 1. Captains Bryan Will, Rick Scheller, & Tony Knight serve as team leaders and instruct their respective shift in the effective and safe use of raising and lowering systems, and other technical evolutions. The team utilizes a full cadre of ropes, harnesses, carabiners, pulleys, intrinsically safe communications, surface supplied SCBA air system, and Skyhook systems tripod. The team utilizes our four-story training tower, local grain bins, water treatment plant, and the Ford Center for their high rise & confined space rescue evolutions. EFD Capital purchases for the rope team in 2017 included:

Replace rescue rope beyond service life       $1,200

Replace/Upgrade rope rescue hardware        $4,700

Confined Space Communications                  $1,200

Rope & Confined Space field manuals          $400