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Animal Control Officers are responsible for many types of investigations, ranging from barking dogs causing a nuisance to felony-level animal abuse.

Animal Control Officers respond to a high volume of complaints. All complaints received are responded to appropriately. Officers prioritize their runs according to the safety issues involved for humans and animals.

Public Safety and Animals

Animal Control Officers respond to Public Safety concerns daily. Some examples of a public safety run are a dog bite, an animal creating a traffic hazard, or an animal behaving aggressively.

Animal Rescue

Animal rescues are performed by Animal Control Officers all year. Examples of rescues have been ducks trapped in a drain pipe or a dog that has fallen into a hole.

Animal Bites

If an animal is an immediate threat to someone's health or safety, call 911. The citizen should seek medical treatment if needed and report the incident as soon as possible.

Any animal that scratches or bites a human or another animal must be reported to Evansville Animal Care and Control by the Indiana State Board of Animal Health

A biting animal will be placed into Rabies Quarantine for 10 days, either in-home or in-shelter. Depending on the circumstances of the bite, an animal could be quarantined at the owner’s home. This decision is at the discretion of the investigating officer and all facets of the investigation will be taken into account.

Animal Nuisances

Animal nuisance complaints are addressed daily. These runs range from barking dog complaints to pets defecating off their property.

Deceased Animals

Evansville Animal Control will pick up dead, stray and wild animals that are not on State Highways. Owned animals that pass away can be brought to the shelter at 815 Uhlhorn Street. There is a $5.00 disposal fee.

Animal Cruelty and Neglect

Animal cruelty and neglect are serious offenses and should be reported to Evansville Animal Control immediately at 812-435-6015, or 911. Anonymous concerns of animal cruelty or neglect can be placed to WeTip 1-800-78-CRIME

Stray Animals

Evansville Animal Control will pick up stray animals that have been confined or that are running at large. Citizens are always welcome to bring a stray into the shelter during normal business hours. Officers will make every effort to catch dogs that are running at large.

Stray and Feral Cats

Animal Control Officers cannot chase stray cats due to the large space they have to run. If cats are feral it is recommended that the citizen set a trap and call Evansville Animal Control when the animal is captured. Do not attempt to catch feral cats by hand. They will bite.

Community Cats

Community cats are any free-roaming cat that may be cared for by one or more residents of the immediate area that is known or unknown; a community cat may or may not be a feral cat. Community cats shall be distinguished from other cats by being sterilized and ear-tipped. Community cats may be part of a trap-neuter-return (TNR) program. Community cats are exempt from city license requirements and running at large. For more information about Community Cats, please call our office.

Animal Welfare Concerns

Animal Control Officers respond to animal welfare concerns daily. Examples of welfare concerns are animals outside with no shelter, no food and no water. Animal welfare calls also include sick or injured animals and animals left in cars when conditions in the vehicle would constitute a health hazard for the animal.

Injured Animals

Injured animals are a priority. After business hours, citizens should call 911 to report an injured animal.


Evansville Animal Care & Control is the lead animal agency if a disaster occurs in Evansville or Vanderburgh County.


Animal Control Officers perform inspections for businesses, non-profits, and other agencies that are putting on animal shows or exhibits. They also conduct inspections of grooming shops, animal shows, and for assemblage permits and chicken licenses. Questions about permit requirements can be answered by calling Evansville Animal Care & Control at 812-435-6015.

Assist Other Agencies

Evansville Animal Care & Control is frequently called to assist other agencies such as the Evansville Police Department, Evansville Fire Department, and Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Department.