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Bites and Rabies Control

In the State of Indiana, all bites and scratches to a person or a domestic or wild animal that break the skin must be reported.

Pets that have bitten must be quarantined for ten (10) days following the bite.

Bites that occur within Evansville city limits or within Vanderburgh County must be reported to Animal Control and a Bite Report Form must be completed. (If a person goes to the hospital for treatment, the hospital will provide us with the proper documentation.)

For those who do not feel the need to go to the hospital for treatment, submit your Bite Report one of these ways:

Indiana State Board of Animal Health Bite Report Form:


The State Board of Animal Health defines which animals must be quarantined after biting. Animals/pets that have bitten must be quarantined for ten (10) days following the bite. The Animal Care & Control Officer will determine if the quarantine should be in-home or at the Animal Care & Control shelter.

Information about In-Home and In-Shelter quarantines can be obtained at Evansville Animal Care & Control.


If a pet is quarantined at the Evansville Animal Care & Control facility, quarantine fees will apply.


When owners of dogs/cats/ferrets come to reclaim their pet(s), they must bring proof of current Rabies Vaccination and/or Animal License, if applicable.

When animals are quarantined and not licensed or are not current on rabies vaccination, the owner must purchase an Animal License and/or a Rabies Vouchers at the time the animal is reclaimed.

Pets being quarantined at Animal Control must be reclaimed on the release date.


Rabies Vouchers from Animal Care & Control are to be provided to a licensed veterinarian for administration of the rabies vaccine.


Information on rabies control can be found on the Indiana State Board of Animal Health website.