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Reclaiming a Pet

  1. cat Be prepared to show your identification.
  2. Have proof of the animal's rabies vaccine with you.
  3. Have your City Animal License records with you – if you live within the City of Evansville.
  4. Stray dogs and cats are held for 7 full days to give the owner a chance to reclaim. If not reclaimed during this time the pet may be adopted, rescued, or humanely euthanized if necessary.
  5. If your pet is running loose, we understand it may have been a one-time occurrence; but it is violation of City ordinance and citations may be issued.
  6. Please understand that your pet was brought in to keep it safe - not to punish you.
  7. An animal on the loose can be a hazard to other people, not just from potential bites, but by running into the road and possibly causing accidents from drivers swerving.
  8. All dogs and cats picked up or brought into the shelter must be micro-chipped before release per EMC 6.05.130(K)
  9. Fees are associated with reclaiming a pet per EMC 6.05.130
    1. Reclaim fees are $7 for the first day the pet is at the shelter and $5 for each additional day.
    2. Additional fees for rabies voucher, vaccines, microchip and City license may also apply.

If your pet was brought in without a collar with tags or micro-chipping, please be prepared to have evidence that the animal is yours. Proof of rabies shot, medical records, pictures, etc. are all helpful in establishing ownership.