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Article II - General Supervision

A. Oak Hill Cemetery was established in 1853, and was under the management of a Board of Trustees since 1870. In 1982, the City of Evansville added the responsibility for Locust Hill Cemetery to the Board, and combined both Cemetery boards into one. In 1991, to better serve both City Cemeteries and the lot owners of both Cemeteries, the management of the Cemeteries was placed under the Board of Public Works, City of Evansville (Referred to as “Board” in the remainder of this document.)

B. The Board has exclusive jurisdiction and control of all the property, real and personal constituting the assets of both Evansville City Cemeteries, and shall control all expenditures made on account thereof, cause such needed repairs and improvements to be made as it may deem necessary, fix from time to time a scale of prices for the sale of burial spaces and other services, and manage, control and invest the funds in its treasury, and such other rights as they may have or be granted by law.

C. The Board is charged with the duty of enforcing the rules and provisions of the Municipal Code of the City of Evansville pertaining to the operations of both City Cemeteries, and shall make and enforce such rules and regulations consistent with the Municipal Code and the laws of the State of Indiana as may be necessary for the care and management of both Cemeteries.

D. The Superintendent is appointed by the Mayor upon the recommendation of the Board. The Superintendent is responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations of the Cemetery, the laws of the state of Indiana, and the ordinances of the City of Evansville.

E. When these rules and regulations contemplate the performance of certain duties by the Superintendent, such duties may also be performed by any person or persons so designated by the Superintendent or the Board. This does not relieve the Superintendent of these responsibilities and should be used as an aide in the performance of his or her duties. All employees of the Cemeteries are under the supervision of their respective Superintendents.