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Article VIII - Mausoleums

The erection of a private Mausoleum, Vault or tomb above ground, will be permitted only upon compliance with the following regulations and conditions, which are considered essential and to the best interest of the Cemetery.

A. Mausoleum Sites:

Certain lots in Section “F” Western Addition, in Oak Hill Cemetery have been established as “Mausoleums Sites” and are sold on a square foot basis for this purpose. Private mausoleums may not be erected upon any other Cemetery property without written approval of the Board. Should the owner of a private Mausoleum site in Section “F” Western Addition, elect not to construct a mausoleum thereon, but elects to utilize the sites for earth interments, then and in the event, the following procedure must be followed:

(1) At the sole expense of the owner of a private Mausoleum site, a professional land surveyor must be employed to replat the Mausoleum
site into designated burial spaces the same to be not less than 40 inches wide and 12 feet in length.

(2) The surveyor’s plat of the Mausoleum site must be submitted to the Board for approval before earth interments shall be permitted therein.

(3) When a private Mausoleum site has been approved by the Board for earth interments, all the rules and regulations of the Cemetery shall
apply thereto, including the restrictions pertaining to marker and monuments as set forth in Articles VII hereof.

B. Plans and Specifications:

No Mausoleum, Vault or tombs, to be erected above ground, shall be constructed or erected, until a design, with complete plans and specifications, are submitted to the Board and approval granted by said Board. The structure must be constructed of granite, marble or limestone of good quality. All metal must be of solid bronze of best quality.

C. Construction and Ventilation:

The wall of a Mausoleum must measure at least 12 inches at the base, and at no point less than 8 inches. A complete system of ventilation must be provided, the crypts must be completely enclosed independently of the wall of the building and so arranged that each can be hermetically sealed at the time of the entombment therein, and an air space must be provided between the crypts and the all of the building.

D. Position on Lot:

The position of the building on the lot must be made with proper regard for the relation of the Mausoleum to the adjacent lots, and no Mausoleum may occupy more than 50% of the area of a lot and must at no point encroach closer than 4 feet to the lot line. Foundations must not be less than 6 feet deep, and may not be less in width at any point than the full measurement in width of the wall base on the structure.

E. State Board of Health:

All mausoleums within the Cemetery, shall be so constructed that all parts thereof may be readily examined by the State Board of Health, or any other Health Officer. The Board reserves the right to prohibit the erection and construction of any Mausoleum that is not considered suitable or desirable in the Cemetery.

F. Care and Maintenance:

All owners of private mausoleums, now or hereafter erected or constructed in Cemetery, shall be held responsible for the care and maintenance of said mausoleums, and upon failure to keep same in a good state of repair, the Board may cause the same to be done at owner’s expense.

G. Cleaning:

Any person or firm engaged to clean a Mausoleum or other burial structure within the Cemetery, must procure written permission from the owner and file same with the Superintendent. Any and all damage to trees, shrubs, flowers, grass, etc…., resulting from such cleaning shall be charged to such person or firm performing such work.

H. Community Mausoleum:

(1) Oak Hill Cemetery

There is located within the Cemetery a Community Mausoleum, known as Rest Haven, Chapel of Memories Mausoleum and Garden of Memories, which were constructed by Park Hill Development Co. Inc., under the terms and provisions of a certain agreement entered into with the Cemetery in April, 1965. Crypts in this Mausoleum are offered for sale to the general public by Park Hill Development Co., subject to the rules and regulations of Oak Hill Cemetery.

(2) Locust Hill Cemetery

There is located within the Cemetery a Community Mausoleum, known as Chapel of Eternal Peace, which was constructed in 1982. Crypts in this Mausoleum are offered for sale in the Cemetery office.

I. Entombment:

The opening and closing of crypts in said Mausoleum, the method and manner of placing lettering or inscriptions on name panels or crypts, and the use of said crypts in conducting burials by entombment therein are all subject to the rules and regulations from time to time promulgated by the Board, which rules and regulations provide for the payment to said Cemetery of a non discriminatory opening and closing fee at the time of the use of any such crypt.

J. Information:

Interested persons are invited to call our offices for further information.