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Article IV - Interments and Disinterments

A. Human Remains Only:

All burial space shall be used only for interment of deceased human beings. The remains for only one (1) person shall be interred in a burial space except that permission shall be granted when the remains of more than one (1) person, but not more than two (2), are desired to be placed in the same burial space.

B. Prior Notice Required:

Interment and/or entombment arrangements are to be made only at the office of the Cemetery and during normal business hours. The right is reserved by the Board to insist upon at least eight (8) working hours notice prior to any interment and/or any entombment, and at least one (1) week’s notice prior to any disinterment and/or removal. Disinterments or removals shall not be conducted on Sunday nor on other days designated by the Board.

C. Time and Charges:

All interments, disinterments and removals must be made at the time and in the manner and subject to such charges as fixed by the Board. Additional charges are made for funerals conducted after 3:00 P.M. on weekdays, Saturday’s and designated holidays.

D. Outer Container Required:

Every adult and junior size earth interment shall be made in an outer container of concrete or steel, or sufficient strength and durability to provide a reasonably permanent support for the weight above such container. The actual installation of such shall be made by the firm furnishing such container. The Board shall not be responsible for any delay of interments because of not being able to use an outside container that is to large for the designated burial space. In some cases, due to size of outside container, it shall be necessary that two (2) burial spaces be utilized for one interment.

E. Combination Baby Casket/and Vault:

For stillborn and infant interments the Board will permit the use of the baby casket/Vault combination. This Vault measures 26 inches long, 12 inches wide and 11 inches high and is made of plastic material.

F. Closing of Burial Space:

All human remains interred in the earth shall have a cover of not less than two (2) feet of earth at the shallowest point over the outside container in which the remains are deposited.

G. Authorization for Interments:

The Board shall have authority to make an interment of the body of a deceased person or the cremated remains thereof, upon the receipt of a written authorization of a person representing himself to be the surviving spouse, or surviving Child or parent, or next of kin, of such descendant, or person who represents himself as having acquired the right to control the disposition of such body or cremated remains, and any person signing any authorization for the interment of any remains shall be deemed to warrant the truthfulness of any fact set forth in the authorization and the identity of the person whose remains are sought to be interred, and his authority to order such interment, and shall be personally and individually liable for all damages, losses and costs to the Cemetery and/or Board occasioned thereby or resulting therefrom.

H. Burial Permit and Information:

The Superintendent shall not suffer or permit the remains of any person to be interred without first receiving from the funeral director in charge of the funeral service, a “Permit for Disposition of Human Remains” issued by the City-County Department of Health, and such permit shall form a permanent part of Cemetery records. The Superintendent shall keep a record of every interment in the Cemetery, showing the name of the deceased, age, marital status, cause of death, last place of residence, date of interment, and the section, lot and burial space number where interment was made.

I. Special Instructions:

Should there be any special instruction or wishes in reference to conducting or arrangement of interment, it shall be the duty of the funeral director or person in charge to make such known to the Superintendent or authorized representative of the Cemetery before the burial service, who shall make reasonable efforts to comply with all requests thus made, but shall be under no obligation or duty to do so.

J. Superintendent in Charge of Processions:

The Superintendent, or someone authorized by the Superintendent, shall receive all funeral processions at the gate or office and direct the funeral director or those in charge of the funeral service to the burial space. The Superintendent or authorized representative shall remain in charge of the burial service until same is completed. Funeral directors and those in charge of all funeral processions entering the Cemetery shall be under the direct control of the Superintendent or authorized representative until the burial service is completed and the funeral procession has departed from the Cemetery grounds.

K. Opening of Casket:

Once a casket containing a body is within the confines of the Cemetery, no one shall be permitted to open the casket or touch the body without the consent of a member of the family of the deceased, and then only by the funeral director conducting the service.

L. Delays in Interments:

The City of Evansville, it’s officials, agents, and employees shall be in no way liable for any delay in the interment of a body, or for any delay in the fulfillment of any of its contract or legal obligations, including but not limited to maintenance, care, memorial work or construction, which may arise from causes beyond its reasonable control, and especially, from delays caused by the elements, an act of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals, strikes, unavoidable accidents, riots, or order of any military or civil authority.

M. Right to Remove:

The remains of a deceased person interred in the Cemetery may be removed with consent of the Board and the written consent of the surviving spouse, or if there be no surviving spouse, then of the children, or if there be no spouse nor children, then of the surviving parents of the deceased, or should there be no surviving spouse nor children nor parent, then of the brother and sisters of the deceased. If the consent of any such person or of the Board cannot be obtained, then no such removal shall be made without a judgment of the Circuit or Superior Court of Vanderburgh County, State of Indiana; provided, further, that this paragraph shall not apply to the disinterment of remains upon the written order of the Coroner of Vanderburgh County for the purpose of autopsy.

N. Care in Removal:

The City of Evansville, it’s officials, agents and employees shall exercise all reasonable precautions in making a removal, but will in no way be liable for damage to any casket or burial case or urn incurred in making such removal.

O. Cremains:

When cremains are to be interred, it is required that the urn containing the ashes be placed in an outer receptacle made of concrete, metal, or marbleite.  The unauthorized internment or scattering of cremated remains which are not authorized by the Cemetery will be reported to local law enforcement.  The Cemetery shall not be liable for cremated remains that are dumped, scattered, or otherwise deposited at the Cemetery if the action is taken without the Cemetery's conscent.  

P. Right to Correct Error:

In the event the Board, the Superintendent or any of their employees should make an error in fulfilling their duties relative to the operation and use of the Cemetery, including, but not limited to interments, disinterments, removals and making inaccurate descriptions or improper transfer of burial space, then the Board reserves the right to take such action as they deem reasonably fair and proper in order to correct any such error. In the event an error shall involve the interment of the remains of a person in an improper space, such remains may be removed to another space, providing the Board determines that the other space is comparable in value and similar in location.