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Article V - Care, General, & Perpetual

A. General Care:

The “General Care” of the Cemetery, as the term implies, means any and all things requisite or necessary for the general upkeep, care and maintenance of the Cemetery grounds and improvements. Included in General Care, but not limited thereto, is the maintaining and keeping in good working condition, all machinery, tools and equipment required for Cemetery operation. Also, the keeping in a good state or repair, the drains, water lines, roads, fence, and other Cemetery buildings, structures and property owned by the Cemetery.

B. Not Applicable to Memorial or Burial Structures:

In no case, shall “General Care” be construed as meaning the maintenance, repair or replacement of any memorial, monument, marker, tomb or Mausoleum within the confines of the Cemetery. It is required that each burial space owner shall keep in good repair all stone or monumental work placed upon his or her burial space.

C. Filling & Seeding Burial Space:

The Board of Public Works assumes the responsibility of filling and seeding the burial space.

D. Perpetual Care:

The intent and purpose of a “Perpetual Care” or “Endowment Fund” is to insure permanency to the Cemetery, and to provide, for those who so desire, assurance that in years to come, the burial spaces so designated shall receive the attention and care necessary to keep same in a reasonably good and neat condition.

(1) What is included:

“Perpetual Care” within the meaning of these rules and regulations, shall include the cutting of grass, and the raking and cleaning of burial spaces at reasonable intervals, the filling, seeding and/or sodding of burial spaces as required, the pruning of shrubs and trees, and other labor necessary in keeping with a properly maintained Cemetery.

(2) What is not Included:

“Perpetual Care” shall not apply to the removing of trees or stumps from burial spaces, or the maintenance, repair or replacement of any memorial, monument, marker, tomb or Mausoleum within the confines of the Cemetery.

E. Cost:

The Board of Public Works shall from time to time establish the minimum amount of money required for Perpetual Care as relates to burial spaces, which shall vary with the then existing cost of labor and equipment.

F. How are Funds Invested:

As provided by law, it is mandatory that all Perpetual Care Funds, shall be limited for investment in the bonds or obligations of the United States, of the City of Evansville, or general taxation bonds of any municipality of the State of Indiana.

G. Increasing Perpetual Care Funds:

Such Perpetual Care Funds may be increased by adding thereto money or property received by will, deed, gift or otherwise, however, as provided by law, the corpus of the Perpetual Care as hereinabove stated.

H. No Floral Agreements:

The Board reserves the right to refuse Perpetual Funds which are conditioned upon the purchasing and placing of floral decorations upon burial spaces, or which otherwise requires the performance of other special services.