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Article VII - Markers & Monuments

A. Check With Office:

Before any owner of burial spaces signs a contract for a marker or monument, it is required that such owner, or his contractor, ascertain from the Superintendent whether the desired marker or monument may be installed upon the burial space, and if the size thereof complies with rules and regulations established by the Board. This should be confirmed in writing from the Superintendent of the Cemetery if marker does not comply and must be submitted to the Board for approval.

Criteria for the placement of markers, monuments, and ledgers:

(1) The marker will in no way block access to or prevent the utilization of burial space in the surrounding area.

(2) The marker will not hamper any of the landscape maintenance needs of the Cemetery including, but not limited to
grass mowing and trimming.

B. Consent of Owner and Foundation Required:

No person will be permitted to erect a marker or monument on a burial space without the written consent of the owner thereof; and no marker or monument shall be erected unless it is firmly placed on a suitable foundation of solid masonry to be constructed by a Monument dealer with insurance on file with the Cemetery office, and for which reasonable charges will be made. Forms shall be furnished by the Cemetery for the ordering of foundations, which must be paid for in advance. Foundation orders must be filed with the Superintendent at least thirty (30) days prior to the time the marker or monument is to be delivered.

C. Quality of Materials:

All markers or monuments must be of good quality granite, marble or comparable materials of good quality approved by the Board.

D. Temporary Markers

Temporary Markers are permitted for a 60 day period or until permanent markers are in place, whichever occurs first. The temporary marker may include deceased name, birth date, and death date. Advertising on the temporary marker is prohibited. The Board reserves the right to refuse anyone that is not in compliance.

E. Markers: Maximum Sizes:

Markers are to be centered at the head or the foot of the burial space and in line with the marker row. The Board recommends the following sizes:

(1) Single Burial Space: 30” X 12” X 18" in height. Foundation to be 18” deep.

(2) Double Burial Spaces: 54” X 12” X 18" in height. Foundation to be 24” deep.

(3) Triple Burial Spaces: 60" X 12" X 18" in height. Foundation to be 24" deep.

(2) Babyland: 16” X 8” X 12” in height. Foundation to be 18” deep.

F. Monuments: Maximum Sizes:

Monuments, within the meaning of these rules and regulations, shall apply to any memorial composed of two (2) or more pieces. Only one (1) monument will be permitted on a lot, regardless of the number of burial spaces composing said lot. Monuments can be placed over one (1), two (2) or three (3) graves in monument row of lot owner’s choice.

The following size monuments depending upon number of burial spaces in the lot are recommended.

(1) Single Burial Spaces: 30” x 12” foundation must be 18” deep.

(2) 2 – Burial Spaces: In a consecutive row, two burial spaces may have a monument 48” x 8” x 24” with base not to exceed 54" long, 14" wide, 8" high. Foundation must be 36” deep or have two (2) standard steel fence posts, 5 foot long (4 foot of which is in the ground).

(3) 4 – Burial Spaces: In a consecutive row, may have a monument with a base not to exceed 72" long, 14" wide, and the total height not to exceed 40" at the highest point. Foundation to be 3 feet deep.

(4) 5 – Or More Burial Spaces: In a consecutive row, may have a monument 84” long, 16” wide, and the total height not to exceed 40" at the highest point.. Foundation to be at least 4 feet deep.

G. Foot Stones:

Lots having monuments may also have footstones, which are to be installed in the foot stone row. Foot stones are not to exceed 24” in length, 12” wide. Must be flush with sod markers.

H. Insure Against Perils:

It is suggested that owners of markers and/or monuments insure same against such perils as vandalism, storms, lighting, explosion, fire and theft, etc.

I. Veterans Markers:

In compliance with directives received from the Veterans Administration, all veterans markers must be installed at the head of the burial space and must be the only marker identifying such burial space. When the family of a deceased veteran desires to remove the government marker and replace same with a conventional type marker, the family must receive permission from the Superintendent and upon removal of the government marker it must be destroyed and certification filed by the Superintendent attesting to this fact. Markers made of bronze must be returned to Veterans Administration

J. New Veteran's Section (2001):

1. The availability of Veteran's graves are on a first come, first serve basis.

2. Spouse may purchase grave for current price.

3. If spouse re-marries and doesn't want to use her space in Veteran's section, they may donate back to Oak Hill Cemetery. It would be tax deductible for current market price or transfer the grave to other location in cemetery of equal value.

4. Oak Hill Cemetery may sell on contract to spouse of Veteran.

5. If spouse dies first, they may still be buried in Veteran's section.

6. Spouse must have same upright stone as Veteran.

7. Flags are allowed, but no shepherd's hooks or anything on stones in this section per Veterans Council.

K. What Urns are Permitted:

Metal cups affixed to a monument or markers are permitted where there is ample room for same on the monument or marker. Vases will not be allowed between marker or ground mounted.

L. Ledgers, Fences, and Benches:

Ledgers are permitted to be installed upon burial spaces. The installation of fences or enclosures around burial spaces is prohibited. The placing of benches upon burial spaces is likewise prohibited, unless a bench is placed upon burial spaces in place of a monument, within the meaning of these Rules and Regulations. In such circumstances, the bench must not exceed current approved maximums for sizes established in Section E above and must satisfy all criteria for markers, as described in these Rules and Regulations.

Criteria for Ledgers:

(1). Must be made of granite, minimum 4 inches thick.
(2). Foundation must be the length and width of the ledger and 18 inches deep.

M. Removal of Marker or Monument:

Markers or monuments shall not be removed from the Cemetery except by written authority of the marker or monument owner; however, in cases where it is necessary for Cemetery personnel to remove a marker and foundation to permit a burial space to be utilized, a charge in addition to the regular opening and closing fee shall be made to cover the cost of the extra labor and material involved in removing and replacing such foundation and marker.

N. Inspection of Markers and Monuments:

The Board reserves the right to inspect all markers and monuments placed upon the burial space, and may order the removal of a marker or monument if it is not in compliance with the restrictions herein contained or if it does not meet the acceptable standards of good taste and fails to conform with surrounding markers and monuments.

O. Workmen in Cemetery:

Any person, firm, corporation or other organization, who sells, erects, installs or places markers and/or monuments upon burial spaces, shall be considered independent contractors, and the placement of marker and/or monuments upon burial spaces shall be the sole responsibility of the contractor providing same.

Workmen employed in placing markers and/or monuments upon burial spaces shall be subject to all rules and regulations of the Board, and when a funeral or interment is being conducted nearby, all work of every description shall cease.

P. Certificate of Insurance Required:

All persons, firms, corporations, or other organizations bringing equipment into the Cemetery and performing labor therein, shall have on file with the Superintendent a current Certificate of Insurance, as related to Workmen’s Compensation, Employers Liability, Public Liability and Manufacturers and Contractors Liability Insurance Coverage, and such other insurance coverage as may be reasonably required by the Board.

Q. Obligation of Burial Space Owner:

It shall be the obligation and duty of burial space owners to keep all markers and/or monuments in a good state of repair, and upon failure to do so, the Board may either repair or remove same at the expense of the burial space owner.