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Oak Hill Cemetery
1400 E Virginia St
Evansville, IN 47711
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Article X - General Cemetery Rules

A. Business Transactions:

All business must be transacted at the Cemetery office, including the registering or complaints, and lost and found article should be turned in at the office.

B. Cemetery Personnel:

Employees of the Cemetery are not permitted to do work for burial space owners except upon order of the Superintendent.

C. Children:

Children under 12 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult who shall be responsible for their conduct.

D. Disturbing The Peace:

Any person disturbing the quiet and good order of the Cemetery, either by making a noise or by any boisterous or improper conduct, shall be removed from the confines of the Cemetery by order of the Superintendent, or other person in charge.

E. Fees and Charges:

All fees and charges for services are payable at the Cemetery office. Patrons of the Cemetery are requested not to pay any fee or gratuity to any Cemetery employee. Patrons should always receive a receipt for any payments made.

F. Hunting – Fishing:

No person shall hunt or fish or drive or chase any game or wildlife within the confines of the Cemetery.

G. Loitering Not Permitted:

Loitering or loafing within the confines of the Cemetery is prohibited.

H. Mischievous or Unlawful Conduct:

No person shall deface, pencil, desecrate or otherwise defile or damage any monument, marker, curial structure or other improvement within the confines of the Cemetery; nor shall any person injure, damage, or destroy and tree, shrub or plant therein. Any person or persons committing such acts shall be subject to arrest and prosecution.

I. Motorcycles and Bicycles:

Motorcycles and bicycles will be permitted to enter the Cemetery only upon written permit of the Superintendent.

J. Refreshments:

The bringing of refreshments or alcoholic beverage into the Cemetery is prohibited.

K. Removal of Flowers:

Permission of the Superintendent must be obtained before removing any flower, shrub or plant from the Cemetery.

L. Soliciting and Advertising:

Soliciting the sale of any commodity or memorial shall be prohibited within the confines of the Cemetery, and no sign of any advertising nature will be permitted by the Board.

M. Speed of Vehicles:

Vehicles of all types must be operated at a speed commensurate with the traffic within the Cemetery. 5 M.P.H. is the posted speed limit.

N. Traffic in Cemetery:

Vehicles within or leaving the Cemetery shall yield to incoming funeral processions.