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Article IX - Burial Space Decorations/Trees & Shrubs

A. Funeral Flowers:

Funeral designs and cut flowers will be removed from the burial space as soon as the flowers become wilted or unsightly, and persons wishing to retain any floral design or decoration are urged to remove them immediately following the funeral service. The Board shall not be liable for floral pieces, baskets, or frames in which or to which such floral pieces are attached, beyond the acceptance of such floral pieces for funeral services held in the Cemetery.

B. Artificial Flowers:

Artificial flowers may be placed upon burial spaces beginning November 1, and may remain thereon until the following March 1, after which date all such artificial floral decorations shall be removed. Persons desiring to keep such decorations for future use must remove same prior to March 1.

Artificial flowers may be placed on the markers, monuments or in hanging baskets from Jacob Hooks and in vases mounted to monuments, and via Timberlight products year round, as long as they do not interfere with the maintenance of the Cemetery or cause any type of danger to visitors, cemetery workers or equipment. Any floral arrangements that are deemed dangerous or hamper the maintenance of the Cemetery will be removed by the Superintendent.

C. Artificial Flower Disposal

1. Grounds

On or before March 1st of each year all artificial floral arrangements are to be removed from the ground to accommodate the mowing season. After such date the Cemetery will remove all floral arrangements that are not mounted on the markers, monuments, in hanging baskets or that may hamper mowing and maintenance. The Board will make these items available to a “Not for Profit” organization to be used for educational and/or rehabilitational purposes, if this is not convenient they will be disposed of.

2. Mausoleums

On April 1st and October 1st of each year all floral arrangements will be removed from and around the mausoleums and the Board will make these arrangements available to a “Not for Profit” organization to be used for educational and/or rehabilitational purposes, if this is not convenient they will be disposed of. Effective March 1, 2006, all tables, pictures, collectibles, etc. shall not be permitted inside the mausoleums. Effective March 2, 2006, flower arrangements will be allowed during the committal service and all live flowers will be put outside in front of doors after service and artificial flowers may remain on floor of mausoleum for a period of three (3) days. No other flowers will be permitted on floor of mausoleums. Nothing shall be taped or affixed to crypt fronts.

D. Potted Plants and Fresh Cut Flowers:

During the period March 1, to October 31, potted plants and cut flowers may be used only on the stone, stone base, or shepherd hooks. The Cemetery assumes no responsibility for the care of such burial space decorations, and upon their becoming wilted or unsightly they shall be removed without notice to the owner thereof.

E. Items Prohibited:

The placing of all articles on burial spaces except flowers, is prohibited; no toys, cases, boxes, globes, shells, cans, jugs, bottles and bric-a-brac of every description. If anything be placed upon any burial space which shall be deemed offensive, improper or injurious to person or property, or which violates any rule or regulation, the Superintendent shall have the right, and it shall be their duty to enter upon said burial space and remove said article or articles there from without notice.

F. Receptacles for Waste:

Receptacles for waste material are located at convenient locations in the Cemetery. The throwing of rubbish on the drives, or any part of the grounds is prohibited.

G. Planting of Trees and Shrubs:

The planting of trees on burial spaces is prohibited. Shrubs will be permitted under the direction of the Board, however, if any tree or shrub situated on any burial space shall, by means of its roots or branches, or otherwise become detrimental to the adjacent burial spaces or avenues; or dangerous or inconvenient to passerby, the Superintendent shall have the right, and it shall be their duty to enter upon such burial space and remove such tree or shrub, or any part thereof considered dangerous, detrimental or inconvenient. The planting of cone-bearing evergreens is prohibited.

H. Expense of Removing Trees and Shrubs:

Plants, trees and shrubs now growing on burial spaces shall be removed by the owner or claimant of said burial spaces on which same are situated, however the Board shall order the same removed: and the owner or claimant shall receive ninety (90) day notice thereof, on the failure of such owner or claimant to remove such plant, tree, or shrub, the Board may cause the same to be moved at owner’s or claimant’s expense, and if necessary, recover the cost of same in an action at law. All such removals must be done under the direction of the Superintendent.