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Law Library Foundation, Inc.

About the Vanderburgh Law Library Foundation, Inc.

Objective: “… A quality law library readily accessible to all … at a substantial economic savings to everyone.”

The Vanderburgh Law Library Foundation was established in 1982 as a not-for-profit Indiana corporation. Its goals are to preserve, maintain, and enhance the Law Library of Vanderburgh County as a resource center for legal information. A strong collection of basic legal research tools, maintained by experienced staff in a convenient central location, serves the community and the region as a whole while eliminating unnecessary duplication of resources.

The Law Library Foundation has funded numerous enhancements to the Law Library, including computers and other equipment, as well as ongoing subscriptions to essential Indiana and Federal materials.

Membership Information

Membership in the Vanderburgh Law Library Foundation is voluntary. Annual membership contributions are as follows:

  • Individual attorney: $125
  • Individual non-attorney: $62.50
  • Law firm: $87.50 per firm attorney if all attorneys in the firm join (excluding attorneys who are already patron members); maximum $625 per firm
  • Life patron: $1250 one-time payment, or $300 per year for five years

Membership in the Law Library Foundation entitles the member to discounts on photocopying and other library services. Memberships and other contributions to the Law Library Foundation are tax-deductible as provided by law.