Water Standard Detail Drawings

DW01R-Typical Water Main Trench

DW02-Tracing Wire Detail

DW03R- Gate Valve Installation Detail

DW04-Fire Hydrant Assembly

DW05-Anchor Coupling Detail

DW06-Air Relief Assembly (Non-Traffic Rated)

DW07-Pressure Tapping Detail

DW08-Expansion Coupling 4" Through 12"

DW09- Restrained Joints (Mechanical Joint & Slip Joint Pipes)

DW10-Typical Restraining for Valves and Reducers

DW11-Typical Offset Assembly (Storm or Sanitary Crossing)

DW12-Typical Channel Crossing

DW13-Water Line Location for Cul-De-Sac (8" or 12" Pipe)

DW14-Water Line Location for Cul-De-Sac (4" Pipe)

DW15- Typical Commercial Service Connections (Same Side of Roadway)

DW16- Typical Commercial Service Connections (Road Boring Req'd)

DW17-Typical Jack and Bore Casing Pipe

DW18-Typical Casing Spacers

DW19-Typical Casing End Seals

DW20R- .75" or 1" Meter Service Connection

DW21-2" Tap Detail

DW22R-2" Meter Service Connection

DW23R-4" Meter Service Connection

DW24R-6" Meter Service Connection

DW25R-Fire Service Connection

DW26R-Traffic Rated Meter Pit

DW27R-4" Meter Pit

DW28R-6" Meter Pit

DW29-Chlorination - Disinfection Tap

DW30-Permanent Blowoff Assembly with 2" Corp Stop

DW31R-Temporary Blowoff Assembly with Saddle

DW32-Temporary Blowoff Assembly with Gate Valve

DW33-Automatic Flushing Device with Gate Valve (Eclipse 9800)

DW34-Automatic Flushing Device with Gate Valve (Eclipse 9400)

DW35-Automatic Flushing Device with 2" Corp Stop (Eclipse 9400)

DW36R-Automatic Flushing Device Notes

Plan Sheet 1R - DW01 Through DW08

Plan Sheet 2 - DW09 Through DW16

Plan Sheet 3R - DW17 Through DW24

Plan Sheet 4R - DW25 Through DW32

Plan Sheet 5R - DW33 Through DW36

Water Standard Detail 24" x 36" Plan Sheets Rev 02-28-17

Water Standard Detail Drawings Rev 02-28-17 (2)