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Water & Sewer Utility
1 NW Martin Luther King Jr Blvd
Civic Center Complex, Room 104
Evansville, IN 47708
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Traffic Delays

While traffic will be disrupted during some of the sewer construction for Renew Evansville, EWSU will work closely with other City departments to make sure traffic restrictions are temporary, and are kept to a minimum.


Some homes have downspouts and sump pumps illegally connected to the sewer system. By disconnecting those downspouts, property owners reduce the amount of storm water in the combined sewers. This not only reduces overflows—it also helps keep your basement from flooding and saves you from costly fines.

Clear Path

Under the consent decree, Evansville must inspect and clean all manholes and sewer lines by November 2017. To meet this deadline, the Utility launched the Clear Path initiative in 2015, prompting property owners to remove obstacles in easements (water and sewer access points). Examples of obstacles include plants, fences, pools, and even buildings—which can make these inspections nearly impossible.