Central Dispatch Terms

Central Dispatch Terms and Abbreviations

List of nature codes and other terms and abbeviations that might seen on the Central Dispatch Twitter feed, along with a generic description of what they mean.

Other Terms and Abbreviations:

  • AMR: ambulance service.
  • Colors: are often abbreviated to 3 letters: Orange=org or ong, Purple=ple, black=blk, green=grn, white=whi, etc.
  • EB: Eastbound.
  • EFD: Evansville Fire Department
  • Enr: En route, on the way.
  • EPD: Evansville Police Department
  • ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival (how long will it take to get there).
  • ISP: Indiana State Police
  • LS: Last seen. As in, the suspect was last seen running NB on First Ave.
  • NB: Northbound.
  • PC: Passenger Car.
  • PU: Pickup truck.
  • RR Xing: Rail Road Crossing
  • Run: an incident requiring police, fire, and/or ambulance response.
  • SB: Southbound.
  • VCSO: Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office
  • Veh: Vehicle
  • WB: Westbound

Codes denoting the nature of an incident.

  • HAZRD: Report of some kind of hazard in a roadway.
  • HRIN: Hit-and-run with injury.
  • HRPRP: Hit-and-run, property damage, no injuries.
  • HRUN: Hit-and-run, unknown on injuries.
  • MVAI: Motor Vehicle Accident with injuries.
  • MVAPD: Motor Vehicle Accident with property damage.
  • MVAU: Motor Vehicle Accident, unknown on injuries.
  • RECDR: Report of a reckless driver.

These are just a few of the more common terms and abbreviations you might see on our Twitter feed.