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Evansville's Mayors

The City of Evansville was incorporated as a city by an act of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana, which was approved January 27, 1847, and entitled "An act granting to the Town of Evansville, in the County of Vanderburgh, a City Charter."

Evansville's first mayor was appointed on April 12, of the same year.

Mayoral terms originally were three years

Mayor Term
James G. Jones 1847-1853
John S. Hopkins 1853-1856
John Hewson 1856-1859
William H. Baker 1859-1868
William Hall Walker 1868-1871
Eccles G. Van Riper 1871-1871
William H. Baker 1871-1873
Charles H. Butterfield 1873-1874
John Jay Kleiner 1874-1880
Thomas C. Bridwell 1880-1886
John H. Dannettell 1886-1889
Nicholas Miner Goodlett 1889-1892
Anthony C. 'AC' Hawkins 1892-1897
William M. Akin, Jr.  1897-1901
Charles G. Covert 1901-1906
John William Boehne, Sr.  1906-1909
John J. Nolan 1909-1910
Charles F. Heilman 1910-1914
Benjamin Bosse 1914-1922
William H. Elmendorf 1922-1926
Herbert Males 1926-1930
Frank W. Griese 1930-1935
William H. Dress 1935-1943
Manson Reichert 1943-1948
William H. Dress 1948-1949
Edwin F. Diekmann 1949-1952
Henry O. Roberts 1952-1955
Rupert Vance Hartke 1956-1958
J. William Davidson 1958-1960
Frank F. McDonald 1960-1972
Russell G. Lloyd, Sr.  1972-1980
Michael D. Vandeveer 1980-1987
Frank F. McDonald, II 1987-2000
Russell G. Lloyd, Jr. 2000-2003
Jonathan Weinzapfel 2004-2011
Lloyd Winnecke 2012-