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The City of Evansville applied to Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority’s (“IHCDA”) Blight Elimination Program (“BEP”) and received a total award of $2,554,000. The City of Evansville has worked diligently to achieve cost savings during all phases of the BEP. As a result of its hard work, the City will be able to complete additional BEP demolitions with the funds it was previously awarded. The City of Evansville was originally awarded funds for 113 demolitions. Using funds from its original BEP award, the City of Evansville intends to work in conjunction with the Evansville Land Bank Corp, Tri-state Food Bank Inc., Craig Miller and Ryan J. Brockman to acquire and demolish the following residential structures:

 1010 Adams Ave.                               204 S. Bedford Ave.

1126 Jefferson Ave.                           209 S. Grand Ave

1131 Jefferson Ave.                           2775 Broadway Ave.

1133 E. Gum St.                                 424 S. Evans Ave.

1220 S. Bedford Ave.                       432 S. Evans Ave.

1308 Cumberland Ave                        442 S. Linwood Ave.

1331 Cedar St.                                   520 S. Kerth Ave.

1415 S. Linwood Ave.                       602 E. Blackford Ave.

1617 S. Bedford Ave.                       622 Adams Ave.

1652 S. Kerth Ave.                             916 W. Louisiana St.

714 Line St.                                       715 Jefferson Ave.

724 E. Blackford Ave.                       765 E. Cherry St.

805 E. Powell Ave.                             810 Taylor Ave.

923 Bellemeade Ave                          1411 Taylor Ave.

1018 Jefferson Ave.                           1728 S. New York Ave.

1027 W. Franklin St.                          809 E. Virginia St.

813 E. Virginia St.                            

The goal of the Blight Elimination Program is to reduce the number of blighted and abandoned homes in our community and neighborhoods. We believe the acquisition and demolition of these structures will stabilize neighborhood property values, prevent avoidable foreclosures, and assist us in our efforts to keep our community and neighborhoods safe.

We invite you to attend a public hearing at 10:00 a.m. on Friday, June 15, 2018 in Room 307 of the Civic Center Complex at 1 NW MLK Jr Blvd, Evansville, Indiana to discuss the positive impact this program will have on our community.

If you have questions about a specific property listed in this Notice, please contact Carolynn Pajoum at 812-436-4555. If you have questions about the Blight Elimination Program, please feel free to visit or email