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Understanding your Bill

Water Rates and Fees
Sewer Rates and Fees

To help you better understand your bill, we've provided details about each section below. You can also check out our bill calculator for more information about how your monthly usage is calculated.

1. Account Information

Your account number, the bill number, the payment due date and the bill total
2. Billing Period

The exact time period for which you've been billed, plus the payment due date

3. Billing Summary

Your previous and current balance, including service charges and taxes. For more information about your charges, you can also view EWSU's Water Rates and Fees and Sewer Rates and Fees.
4. Meter Readings

Your current water usage and the difference from the previous month
5. Usage History

Shows your water usage over the past 12 months
6. Message Center

Useful, timely information for EWSU customers
7. Bill Stub

When you mail your payment, detach and return this portion of the bill in the provided envelope.

Understanding your Bill

How does thousand gallon billing work

Family of Three

Family of ThreeLeanna’s family uses 560 gallons of water in October. Since we bill in hundred-gallon increments, we round down to 500 on her monthly bill and carry the additional 60 gallons over to the next cycle. In November Leanna’s family again uses 560 gallons. But we’ve rolled over those extra 60 gallons from October, so her total usage is 620 gallons. She is charged for 600 gallons and the additional 20 gallons is rolled over to the next month.

Chart for a Family of 3

Single Person

Single PersonDamien lives alone and uses 210 gallons of water in October. Since we round down he only pays for 200 on this month's bill. In November, Damien again uses 210 gallons. Even with the rolled over 10 gallons from October his usage is only 220 gallons and again he is only billed for 200 gallons. Because we round down, Damien won’t pay a higher amount until the rolled over gallons add up to 100, which means Damien sees less frequent changes in his bill month-to-month.

Single Person Chart