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Bee Slough

What is Bee Slough?

Bee Slough is the concrete-lined, uncovered ditch that runs 1.1 miles along Veterans Memorial Parkway.

It collects water, holding it until it can be pumped into the Ohio River. Currently, there are three areas along Bee Slough designed for rainwater and sewer water to overflow during heavy rains or high river levels. When these combined sewer overflows (CSOs) occur, raw sewage enters the slough—which happens approximately 50 times a year. Sewage can sit for days, resulting in odor and public health concerns. EWSU has plans for seven construction projects to address CSOs in Bee Slough.

As one of the most transformational planned projects, Bee Slough will be replaced with a wetland—a beautiful home to native plants and birds. Wetlands have been used to filter and clean wastewater since ancient times. They include a mix of bulrushes, sedges, and prairie grasses that create an oxygen-rich environment where good bacteria thrive—breaking down the harmful microbes found in wastewater. Best of all, wetlands require no chemicals, making them a natural, sustainable and cost-effective way to treat the water resulting from CSOs.

Learn more about when and where the changes to Bee Slough will happen.